Globetrotting: Round Mountain

Have you ever noticed the American flag flying high on a mountaintop in the East Globe area?   This is the highest point in Round Mountain Park, a unique hiking resource and gem of the Globe-Miami-San Carlos area.  Former mayor Stan Gibson had the vision for the park and has worked for decades to make it a reality for our community.  When you visit, plan on hiking rugged hills with wonderful views while getting a great cardio workout.  It is also my favorite spot to view wildflowers in the spring with great examples of the natural flora and fauna of our region.

Round Mountain has seven trails covering about 5.5 miles.  My favorite is Boulder Canyon Trail, though I try to hike to the flagpole on top of the mountain on snowy days for a 360 degrees view of absolutely stunning beauty.  Don’t miss the old mining shafts along the hillside on your way up West Trail.  For kids, I recommend Bull’s Eye Rock Loop Trail as it has a shorter walking distance and fascinating rock formations (I have convinced a number of kids that these stone nooks and crannies are fairy homes and we have enjoyed trying to spot the tiny, elusive creatures).

If this is your first visit, I strongly recommend you take a picture of the map at the visitor’s center before beginning your hike.  Bring plenty of water and sun protection as you can expect lots of elevation change and limited shade on the trails.  Round Mountain offers plenty of parking, several shaded picnic ramadas, clean bathrooms, and a little pool/pond near the entrance that my dog loves to jump in after we hike.  It is free of charge and open 365 days/year.  Round Mountain is one of the many things I love about our community!

To get there:  Round Mountain Park is located at the northern end of South Street in Globe (just up the road from Denny’s Restaurant and Samaritan Veterinary Clinic).