Globetrotting: Introduction

When people in Phoenix learn I live in Globe, they frequently respond with a stunned and incredulous, “Why?”  They are clueless about the wonders and delights of our area, the wealth of activities available, and the natural beauty of the region.  Surprisingly, the same is true of many of our residents.  The opportunity to share our local treasures and thus improve everyone’s quality of life is the impetus for this new blog series.

It is amazing how many people have yet to visit Bullion Plaza Museum, Besh ba Gowah, the Globe Tool Lending Library, the historic Sheriff’s Office, or the Old Dominion Historic Mine Park.  Others are unaware of the resources of our Community Concert Series, Farmer’s Market, Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, and the Gila County Historical Society (including their monthly Hamburger Fry in the summer).  While some people know we are the self-proclaimed Mexican food capital of Arizona, they miss our other distinctions like being home to Arizona’s first governor and also first female governor, introducing cheese boats to the world, and having the most parks per capita of any city in the state.

I hope this blog series will introduce new delights to some and remind others of favorite spots they haven’t visited for a while. My blog entries will be short and in no particular order of importance or geography.  If you have a favorite place you want to see highlighted, please contact me to share what you enjoy most about our Globe, Miami, San Carlos, and Southern Gila County region.

My dear friend, Kip Culver, once called Globe “the last best small town in Arizona.”  I agree wholeheartedly!  This blog series will unpack the wonders and treasures of our extended community and shed a little light on why our region just may be the best undiscovered secret in in Arizona.