Our Staff


Dr. Thea Wilshire is Acorn Consulting’s owner and CEO.  She has over 35 years of experience in behavioral health and more than 20 years of work in community development.

TRAINING:  Dr. Wilshire is a dynamic trainer who presents educational sessions and seminars on both health and community development topics, as well as plenary and keynote speeches at tribal, state, national, and international conferences.   She loves to share knowledge and her passion comes through in her presentations.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT:  Dr. Wilshire is passionate about quality of life promotion.  She is a creative problem-solver who has developed innovative programs in rural settings, led multiple committees and groups of volunteers on community improvement projects, impacted state policy and law, and served as both an elected official and Vice Mayor of her city.  She has received multiple honors for community development, leadership, supporting the arts, and historic preservation.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH:  Dr. Wilshire is an experienced and innovative administrator, trainer, and clinician with experience developing award-winning behavioral health programs.  While Dr. Wilshire has been honored for her clinical work with individuals of all ages, her clinical passion remains child and adolescent psychotherapy. Additionally, Dr. Wilshire is recognized as an expert in rural and tribal psychological interventions and has received numerous state and national awards from organizations like the American Psychological Association, Indian Health Services, and the Arizona American Indian Integrated Care Committee.