Globetrotting: Farmer’s Market

Freshly picked apricots, peppers, onions, and garlic; local honey; homemade bread, jams, and cookies; plants and flowers; and handcrafted soaps from locally grown ingredients… these are but a few of the many treats available to Globe, Miami, and San Carlos residents at our local Farmer’s Market.  Open every Saturday from 8 am to 11 am June through September, the Globe-Miami Farmer’s Market is an important social, civic, and economic driver for our region allowing residents to enjoy great produce and homemade food items while conversing with neighbors and friends. 

Based on community interest, a group of master gardeners and community leaders worked closely with Laura Gottschalk, an Americorp volunteer for our area, and the Globe UofA Cooperative Extension team between 2009 to 2011 to organize both a community garden and Farmer’s Market.  The Globe-Miami Farmer’s Market had its official ribbon cutting on June 24, 2011.  After examining a number of different locations, the Farmer’s Market was started in Globe’s Veteran’s Park before moving to the Gila County Historical Museum’s grounds in 2018.  Initially managed by Paul Buck, Holly Brantley has been the market manager since 2012.  WIC vouchers were allowed for several seasons until the federal paperwork became unmanageable.  Currently the market is working to become a 501-c-3 organizations which will allow them to apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program eligibility and “Double Bucks” programs where food stamp credits are doubled for Farmer’s Market purchases.

Farmer’s Markets are growing in popularity in our area with initiatives to create a sustainable local food system and to increase health by increasing access to nutritious food. Besides the Globe-Miami market, there are also Farmer’s Markets in Superior (second and fourth Fridays from 5:30-8 pm at their downtown food court) and in Dudleyville (first and third Fridays from 9 am to noon at their Multi-generational Center).  Farmer’s Market allows you to taste the freshest and tastiest vegetables and fruit available, some picked that very day. You will know where your food comes from, support local growers, nourish yourself, and enjoy the seasonal foods of our region.  

Our small town Farmer’s Market is one of the many things I love about living in this community.

If you are interested in selling at the Globe-Miami Farmer’s Market, booths cost $10 for set-up and then vendors contribute 5 to 10% of their sales to support the market manager. Community and service groups are not charged a booth fee and local community education programs are encouraged. Any locally grown food items are eligible for sale and locally-created crafts will be considered if pre-approved through a juried process.

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