Globetrotting: Dog Park

Timber’s dad was looking for his tennis ball flinger, Angel’s mom was currying her coat, and Roxie and Maggie’s dads were talking about the new water bowl. Muffin’s mom made a new pet waste bag dispenser and Charley’s dad donated some grocery bags to fill it up. Sunshine is sitting by herself taking in the breeze and watching the birds, Lottie Ray and Autumn are playing chase, and Wylie just folded his huge body into an impossibly small water bowl to soak for a bit.  Mocha and her mom left for the evening, but Thistle and Scottie just pulled up with their mom, so the play party will continue.  We’re at the Globe Dog Park and this is one of the many things I love about our community.  

Currently occupying a former Little League field, this park has served the canine families of our community for the past 10 years.  It is the only designated leash-free public area of town, is free of charge, and allows dogs and their owners a place to socialize and burn off extra energy. Some people come twice a day and most people show up several times a week.  Because folks tend to come at the same time on a regular basis, the people and dogs develop friendships and a supportive mini-community.  To ensure playtime with his friends, my dog lets me know when our regular visit time approaches.

The dog park has expectations that owners will be responsible for their dogs and present at all times (not in the car, walking nearby, or on their phones). Per city law and common courtesy, owners must pick up and appropriately dispose of their pup’s poop.  Even non-aggressive dogs have bad days, so owners are expected to intervene if Fido starts to play too rough with Rover and sometimes this means removing the dog for the day and trying again another time.  For safety, park rules also specify that dogs must be vaccinated, not in heat, at least 4 months of age, and non-aggressive; that children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult; and that owners are legally and financially responsible for actions done by their dogs.

In addition to the posted rules, there are expectations of appropriate dog park etiquette based on innate behavior patterns of dogs. For example, it is inappropriate to have young children running or yelling in the park as this can incite a dog’s natural tendency to chase and/or bite.  Dog owners should call their dogs away from the gates when new dogs enter to prevent aggression if the entering dog feels cornered.  Also, mixing leashed and non-leashed dogs creates tension and may lead to conflicts.  

Recognizing the constant use of this park and in response to ball players requesting more field space, the City of Globe is currently working on a new dog park specifically designed for canines with both a fenced general use area and a special use area that can accommodate smaller, older, or infirmed dogs, as well as classes and special events.  They are designing it to have appropriate fencing and double gates, water for the people and animals, shaded seating, waste disposal stations, a dog rinse faucet, and other pet amenities.  It is planned for the area between the larger ball field at the Noftsger Ballfield complex and the Old Dominion Mine Park’s back entrance. It is hoped the new dog park will open in 2019.

To get there:  The current dog park is located at the City of Globe Ball Fields just behind Noftsger Hill Bed and Breakfast.  You can reach parking by either going to the eastern end of Cuprite Street or following the City of Globe signs at the intersection of North Street and East Street.  

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